Opening Hours

Every day June 1-September 30

10am to 5pm

Trekking!  Beautiful hacks on the lovely country roads and coast of Valentia Island, one of the gems of the Wild Atlantic Way!

Pony Rides!  If your child is too young to go out on a trek, but they still want to ride, we offer 20 minute pony rides.

Mini pony camps, and horse knowledge courses!  Bring your child for a few hours, and let them have the opportunity to learn what it takes to care for a horse, get comfortable grooming and leading them, and learn how horses think!

On site Valentia Farmhouse Ice Cream!  Come out, go for a hack, then stop in for some delicious home made ice cream, made from the milk of the cows you saw while you were out on the hack!

Come for the trekking.  Stay for the Ice Cream:)

Valentia Island Pony Trekking